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If you want to explore a new world and culture, the Asian Studies at EduINDEX will take you beyond the traditional research experience.
Under the guidance of our outstanding editors, we offer a research publication infused with a broad range of coverage of subjects, experiences and a strong liberal arts foundation. That means you won’t just know about culture, language, or religion in this journal but you get exposed to much more. Because at EduINDEX, we’re preparing you to engage with the people, ideas and issues that shape one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Our Asian Studies journal takes an interdisciplinary approach to prepare you for a career at home or abroad. We offer the  research publication with three majors focusing on Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, and Japanese Studies. As a major in our journal, you can gain a broad understanding of the entire continent or specialize in a particular region. Our program introduces our students to everything from South Asian music and popular culture to the social and environmental implications of China’s rising economy.

Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301 is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources. Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal. Send papers for publication to

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