Religion or Political Ideology?

Here’s a bonus 5th that I almost missed. Jack Wheeler demolishes the notion that Islam should be respected because it’s a religion. Let Jack explain:
In other words – is an ideology of hate and violence any more acceptable and excusable if it is disguised as a “religion”? The answer is yes – because this is precisely the moral slack we cut for Islam. … Communism was never seen as a religion – and thus conservatives were not morally disarmed against it. … Think instead of how conservatives across the board find it far more difficult to denounce the evil of Islam than the evil of Communism. This has to be abandoned. … That is to come to grips with this moral truth: All religions are not created morally equal. There are evil religions. The Aztec religion of human sacrifice and cannibalism was one. If Nazism were a religion it would be.
But until the world’s Moslems rise up in moral outrage at the terrorist evils being committed in the name of Islam – and without exception, including Palestinian terrorism – we must stop according Islam the respect due any normal religion, and look upon it with no more regard or respect than one would towards Communism or Nazism.
Jack is active in conservative politics since he helped on Reagan’s campaign for governor. Coming from a major figure in the conservative camp, this is a hopeful sign. I wrote about the problem of denial among conservatives last September. Now, Jack, you read my article? Perhaps not, but nevertheless, this is something that many are independently realizing about the continual denial of the root cause of the Islamic threat.
In another sign of hope, Lou Dobbs took a poll of his viewers and found that 80% believe the War on Terror, should really be named the War on Radical Islam. And that’s on CNN!