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Asian Studies Journal - Call for Papers

Asian Studies – An UGC Approved Journal

Asian Studies, a refereed journal of the Asian Literary studies, presents an international scholarly forum for the discussion and evaluation of Asian languages, literature, culture, and arts in postcolonial context. The journal publishes 4 issues every year. 
Asian Studies welcomes submissions from any theoretical or critical perspective meant for an audience from various disciplines and written in clear and persuasive prose.
Send papers for review to or
Areas of Interest to the Journal
  • Asian Literatures
  • Asian Languages
  • Asian Studies
  • Asian Culture
  • Comparative Aesthetic
  • Literary Theory
  • Asian Diaspora
  • Cultural Studies
  • Colonial Studies
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • Women’s Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Trans-cultural Studies
For journal information, instructions for authors, and other details please visit the Asian Studies homepage at . Scholars who wish to publish in Asian Studies should submit through the journal’s dedicated Editorial Manager site. Authors should follow the journal’s requirements in style and length to ensure that manuscripts can move through peer review, production and publication smoothly. Instructions for authors that detail these requirements can be found here, so please take the time to read and follow them as closely as possible.
Archives of Asian Studies Journal is available at

Asian Studies - UGC Listed Journal


If you want to explore a new world and culture, the Asian Studies at EduINDEX will take you beyond the traditional research experience.
Under the guidance of our outstanding editors, we offer a research publication infused with a broad range of coverage of subjects, experiences and a strong liberal arts foundation. That means you won’t just know about culture, language, or religion in this journal but you get exposed to much more. Because at EduINDEX, we’re preparing you to engage with the people, ideas and issues that shape one of the world’s most dynamic regions.

Our Asian Studies journal takes an interdisciplinary approach to prepare you for a career at home or abroad. We offer the  research publication with three majors focusing on Asian Studies, Chinese Studies, and Japanese Studies. As a major in our journal, you can gain a broad understanding of the entire continent or specialize in a particular region. Our program introduces our students to everything from South Asian music and popular culture to the social and environmental implications of China’s rising economy.

Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301 is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources. Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal. Send papers for publication to

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Indexing of Asian Studies Journal

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Asian Studies - UGC approved Journal

Asian Studies journal promotes teaching and research on East Asia in all disciplines and professional programs. Asian Studies  sponsor a wide variety of activities including academic seminars and colloquia series, public lectures, cultural events, and other programs that facilitate deeper understanding of the Asia- Pacific region. It is the mission of the Institute to foster interaction among the academic, business, and professional communities on issues related to East Asia.

Asian Studies publishes research from scholars around the world, providing readers with analyses of complex issues in crisp and clear style, making it accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike. 

Asian Studies  has garnered a reputation for publishing theoretically sophisticated, fresh, and empirically based scholarship on social science and international relations topics on Asian nations and regions, focused domestically, regionally, and globally. 

Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301 is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources. Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal. Send papers for publication to

UGC Approved Journal - Asian Journal

What are the territorial and conceptual boundaries of Asia? How is Asia connected to the rest of the world? How have perceptions of Asia changed throughout history? What are the key themes and patterns found in Asian literary and artistic traditions, and how does an understanding of Asia enhance our understanding of cultural, social, and political processes?

The vast region labeled “Asia” is complex and diverse, and Asian peoples and institutions have greatly influenced human experience throughout the world. Asian Studies offers courses in multiple disciplines, including art and art history; business; history; international political economy; languages and literature; politics and government; philosophy; religion; and, sociology and anthropology. In addition to offering an interdisciplinary minor, Asian Studies also offers majors and minors in getting research publication. 

Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301A is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources. Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal. Send papers for publication to

Asian Studies Journal

World is increasingly looking to Asia - strategically, economically, politically, and culturally - and all eyes are on the graduates of tomorrow to take us there. Watch our video to find out how this degree will prepare you for a successful career in the Asian Century.
With a Bachelor of Asian Studies you will master an Asian language, acquire in-depth contextual and regional knowledge, and graduate with the kind of Asian literacy that gets you noticed by employers.
And if you love adventure, we offer you a variety of study opportunities in the region so you can experience Asia first hand. Plus we’ll provide you with funding to help get you there.
Our community of scholars, policymakers, researchers and students is proudly interdisciplinary and interregional. Our teaching and research drives Australia’s engagement and understanding of its neighbouring regions. Majors and minors in the Bachelor of Asian Studies can be based on a language, a region or a discipline – for example, Modern Chinese Language, Asia-Pacific Politics, Japanese Studies and many others. We encourage students who begin the study of an Asian language at university to complete a full language major in order to graduate with the proficiency required to function as an Asia specialist in the increasingly competitive job market. Placement testing allows students with existing expertise in a language to enter at their current proficiency level.

How to Get Published?

Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301A is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources. Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal. Send papers for publication to 

Publication Opportunities

In today’s globalised world success for business, government and international organisations depends heavily on strong relationships with Asia. This means that employers across the globe now actively recruit graduates who can demonstrate a deep understanding of the region.

Our journal Asian Studies helps studies in Human Rights Lawyer, the global skills our students develop  mean our graduates are found all over the world in exciting and challenging jobs across many fields including international relations or trade, development, government and policy, banking and finance, tourism, media, education, information technology, communications, journalism, aid, marketing and many other fields.

Research Outcomes

Upon successful publication, students and other scholars will be able to:
1. Critically apply theoretical frameworks and research techniques to understand the global significance of Asia as a region and as a composite of diverse societies and cultures;
2. Demonstrate an understanding of different disciplinary approaches and methods drawn from the humanities and social sciences, to synthesise knowledge about Asia, its regions, and its place in the world;
3. Demonstrate a nuanced understanding of the regional diversity of the societies and cultures that make up Asia;
4. Evaluate ideas and debate issues using academic and applied styles, in both English and an Asian language;
5. Exercise critical thinking and judgment in identifying and solving problems, individually and in groups.

Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301A is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources. Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal. Send papers for publication to

About Asian Studies Journal

With the advent of the 21st century and the rise of Asian economies on the global stage, the impact of Asian cultures is being felt around the world. Today, through the convenience of technology and social media, students can connect directly to friends around the world with a few clicks. Asian pop music, cinema, and literature–manga, anime, Bollywood, and martial arts films–have become mainstays in the world’s media sphere, while innovative new media cultures invite the world to listen to the new Asia. What are the discourses on traditions in Asia? What is it like to be on the crest of a global and cross-cultural wave of commerce and culture? To find out, students must study both the cultures and the languages that correspond to their interests. In so doing, they broaden their scope of intellectual inquiry and also open up new personal and career paths that promise them unique opportunities.
Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary journal designed to encourage students to engage with the latest research on the arts, languages, literature, histories, economies, religions, and politics of Asian societies. A hallmark of Asian Studies at Bates is our focus on giving students occasion to deepen their study of an Asian culture through courses and the senior thesis along with rigorous training and expertise in Chinese or Japanese language. The program features three majors: Chinese, Japanese, and East Asian studies. In addition to the majors, the Program in Asian Studies offers minors in Chinese, Japanese, and Asian studies.
We also have fun together—regular language tables as well as cultural events where we celebrate cultural traditions of Asia—and strongly encourage a semester (or a full year) of study abroad in China or Japan as an integral part of our curriculum for linguistic and cultural immersion and exploration on the ground.
Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301A is a Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources. Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal. Send papers for publication to 

CALL FOR PAPERS -Asian Studies Journal

Asian Studies is an open access online journal published twice a year. All articles are refereed. We publish contributions of the Polish and international scholars presenting their original research in philosophy as well as interdisciplinary and comparative studies engaging other disciplines in humanities and social sciences. We publish papers in English in the following sections:
(1) Articles and Treatises; (2) Review Articles and Polemics; (3) Debates and Interviews; (3) Translations into Polish; (4) Teaching Philosophy, Philosophy of Teaching, and Lecturing;
Aims and scope. The Editors of the journal invite scholarly studies in history of philosophy and papers reporting the on-going debates in contemporary philosophy, representing various currents in philosophical inquiry, including continental, analytic and non-western traditions and comparative perspectives. Moreover, in the scope of our interest there are interdisciplinary papers undertaking philosophical problems in terms of other scientific disciplines. We also publish polemical papers, responses and interviews, book reviews from professional philosophers and postgraduate students. Besides, we are open to critical and innovative suggestions concerning teaching methods and the purposes of up-to-date philosophical education.
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Asian Studies

Asian studies is the term used usually in North America and Australia for what in Europe is known as Oriental studies. The field is concerned with the Asian people, their cultures, languages, history and politics. Within the Asian sphere, Asian studies combines aspects of sociology, history, cultural anthropology and many other disciplines to study political, cultural and economic phenomena in Asian traditional and contemporary societies. Asian studies forms a field of post-graduate study in many universities.

It is a branch of area studies, and many Western universities combine Asian and African studies in a single faculty or institute. It is often combined with Islamic studies in a similar way. The history of the discipline in the West is covered under Oriental studies.

Asian Studies is a UGC Approved Journal, send papers for publication to 

Call for Papers in UGC Approved Asian Studies Journal

Asian Studies publishes the very best empirical and multidisciplinary work on Asia, spanning the arts, history, literature, the social sciences, and cultural studies. Experts around the world turn to this quarterly journal for the latest in-depth scholarship on Asia’s past and present, for its extensive book reviews, and for its state-of-the-field essays on established and emerging topics.

With coverage reaching from South and Southeast Asia to China, Inner Asia, and Northeast Asia, Asian Studies welcomes broad comparative and transnational studies as well as essays emanating from fine-grained historical, cultural, political, or literary research and interpretation. The Asian Studies also publishes clusters of papers representing new and vibrant discussions on specific themes and issues.

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Call for Papers Asian Studies

1. "Asian Studies" is a multi-disciplinary journal of Asian affairs. Papers based on original research on any relevant field are considered for publication. The language of the Journal is English. 
2. Manuscripts for publication should be submitted in duplicate, typed double-spaced to . Contributions will be acknowledged as soon as accepted. 
3. Papers submitted should not normally exceed 10,000 words (about 30 pages typed as specified above) including equivalent space for tables and diagrams, if any. 
4. Contributions should be accompanied by:
a) an abstract or summary within 120 words 
b) a biographical sketch of the author(s) within 50 words 
c) the author's current address and institutional affiliation
d) if the author's institution requires permission for publication, documents granting such permission. 
5. References should be cited in the text with serial numerical superscripts and all references, annotations etc. listed at the end of the paper in corresponding order. Papers and articles cited should be identified by the author, title, name of the journal, year and inclusive pages; books referred to should be identified by author, title, place of publication and name of publisher and year. Specific references should include selected page numbers. Papers are not to be accepted if the -specifications (given above) are not followed. 
6. Tables should be carefully prepared so that the printer can easily follow the copy. Tables must only replace or supplement text, without duplication. 
7. Line diagrams can be included only if essential. Diagrams prepared should be so designed as to stand 2/3 reduction for printing within the size of the page. Diagrams should be restricted to the minimum essential. While sending the papers in the first instance, the contributors are advised to include only photocopies of diagrams pertaining to the papers. The original may be sent only after the paper/papers are formally accepted for publication. In case larger or more numerous illustrations are necessary, authors may have to contribute towards the cost of making blocks. 
8. Papers should be concise, lucid, well documented, academic in tenor and consistent with the scope of the Journal. The opinion of the Editorial Board regarding acceptability will be final. If any modifications are suggested, final acceptance will be contingent on these being carried out. The right to effect necessary editorial improvement is reserved. 
9. Contributors will be supplied 10 offprints free of cost. 
No material published here may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission of the publisher. Views and opinions expressed in the journal are those of the authors. The Institute accepts no responsibility in this regard. Correspondence on editorial, subscription and other matters may be addressed to: 

The Editor, 
Asian Studies, 


Asian Journal ISSN 09707301

Asian Studies

A Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources Asian Studies, a bi-Annual Journal, has been since the year 1983, based on the following:
1. focuses attention on the social, political and economic developments of current interest and pertaining to the countries of Asia 
2. contains occasional research papers of the academic staff of the Institute. 
3. reports of the seminars, symposium, and other events held in the Institute from time to time. 
4. acts as a means of intellectual exchanges with other research institutes in the country and abroad 
5. publishes learned papers from scholars working elsewhere on problems and projects relevant to the research interest of the institute 
6. initiates documentation series on materials relating to various aspects of the life and culture of the Asian people and 
7. generally indicates the basic trends of co-operation taking place at different levels between the developing countries of Asia. 
While the journal encourages responsible academic research on the lines suggested above, the opinions and findings of the contributing authors need not reflect the opinions or policies of the Institute as such.
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Asian Studies with ISSN no. 0970-7301
Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Asian Political, Economic, Cultural Affair and Natural and Human Resources.
Asian Studies, a bi-Annual UGC Approved Journal.
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